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Living in Chaos Survival Mode Part 1

Being pulled in 30 different directions is so not cool…I will be the first to say I live in chaos survival mode, which is one of the things I will be taking you on a journey with me about.  Fixing this problem…YAY!  Anyway I have clients demanding my constant attention, and 4 kids and a husband when he is home demanding it as well.  Then there are the errands that have to be run to keep the house hold running, and after an awful unemployment issue over the summer, money issues pulling us in every which way.  So even though I am a psychic medium I cant see everything in fact seeing my own issues are much harder than seeing everyone elses, since I am in the lions den, not looking out of it so to speak.  But I have the same problems everyone else does.  A lot assume my life is perfect, and that I must make a butt load of money, and that everything is perfect, well I have news for you…ummm no.

I am, however, working on these issues.  I am learning that by planning my day, and sticking to it that my day goes much easier.  I am also learning to stop feeling guilty for saying no.  That has been one of the hardest things for me to overcome.  I felt guilty for saying no, but by saying yes it was coming at the expense of so many other things, and just got me in a bunch of trouble.  If you are losing more than you are gaining by doing something that really isnt helping someone its best to say no!

I will write more on this subject as I progress, and hopefully come up with a lot more ideas for the chaos survivor mode woman!