Planning for SHTF…people arent thinking this through…

Okay I must confess I have fallen into the pinterest trap, it is very addictive.  I have also been doing some research on SHTF, or Preppers as they call it sometimes.  These are sites that teach you how to prepare for doomsday, the apocalypse, or natural disaster survival.  So these sites have some great ideas, but some people arent thinking this through.  They pin them for when they need them…well ummm hello if the world ends there will not be electricity, internet, or pinterest.  So unless you are actually going to these blogs, and printing out their advice to have a hard copy of, just pinning their advice will do you absolutely no good.  Just my FYI for the day!


PS as a psychic I can tell you I dont see you needing this advice anytime in the next year, but I cannot see more than a year away with things like this so dont worry if I feel that you need to worry I will let you know!


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