Being a Domestic Goddess Isnt Anti Feminist

Domestic Goddess

I am mildly annoyed, because I pinned a picture of an awesome stove on pinterest.  After doing this I received a comment that said “but if you own that you will have to do a lot of cooking and baking, have you read the feminine mystique?”.  So after reading said comment I went and looked up The Feminine Mystique apparently it is a feminism book, which is all fine and good, however I would like to know when it became anti-feminist to do things that you love to do.  I love cooking, baking, taking care of my family, spending time with my husband, decorating my home, and being a homemaker in general.  I dont love this just because my gender or society told me I should.  I love it, because I am a nurturer, and I was just geared this way.  Just because I love doing this doesnt mean I am some how oppressed.  In fact I am well known for being quite the opposite.  I am known for being blunt, caring, speaking my mind, while actually helping others to heal.  So in a way my nurturing capacity has helped me in my career field more than anyone could imagine.

I also take pride in what I love to do.  I am proud that I am a wife, and a mother, and in fact if I was able to have more children I would.  The reason I am going on this rant is because I feel that some women think that just because they are a homemaker, or have a “womans” role they are somehow betraying their gender.  Well let me tell you there is nothing more important or less anti feminist than being a homemaker.  Homemakers are the Goddess of the home.  There is a reason women were worshiped as Goddesses, and that Goddesses were so predominant in pre-Christian times.  Its because they were the healers, the wise women, the people the men couldnt wait to come home to after a long day of hunting and gathering, the reason they felt comfortable, well fed, they were also the life givers, the caretakers and so much more.  It is great for a woman to be something besides a homemaker too, but for those who are called to do that job, dont ever feel like you are less than, because some person on a high horse tells you, you shouldnt be a homemaker because it betrayers your gender.  You are important, you are needed and you are the ultimate in femininity, and were once worshiped for your abilities to make a house a home!


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