How to Save on Groceries, and Household Products When You Live in A Rural Area



I live in a very small town, and want to save money.  I have been doing my research, and what I have found is that scouring the sales ads, and matching your coupons to those sales is where the biggest savings are at.  However, if you live in a rural area like me, you may only have one or two stores to choose from.  In my town we have a Sav-a-Lot which is a big savings store that sells offbrand products, but is very small with absolutely no variety.  Its best for getting quick things, and sometimes meat that isnt on sell in other places, or buying quick fix items such as chicken nuggets if you dont have coupons, or a stock pile of them already.  We have a Houchens, a Walgreens, a Rite Aid, and of course a Walmart.  What most people dont realize is that Walmarts in rural areas will price match up to the nearest store of that type, for example if you have a Meijer in your state, but it is 70 miles away Walmart will still match its prices.  So I am a huge believer in price matching at Walmart.  However, Walmart does NOT double coupon, so if a sale is going on at a store that double coupons, and you have a coupon for it,  and it is near enough to you, you are better off buying that item at the store the sale is at.  Also Walmart will not price match when a sales ad from another store says “Buy one get one free” or “Buy one get one half off” unless the original price is listed, so for this type of sale you are better off going to the store itself.  I have also found that most of Walmarts employees in the smaller towns are great about doing the price matching, and some of them know about sales you may have missed, and will help you with that.  Let them know up front that is what your plan is, and they are great about helping.  I must say though that a younger cashier is much nicer about doing it than an older one in my experience.  I will post more as my journey on saving money, couponing, and price matching continues.


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