How Pinterest Has Helped Me Become a Better Person

I have followed suit with other countless women, and fell in love with pinterest.  I know you men probably wont understand the fascination.  Of course like any internet site it gets abused a lot, but if you use it right it can be a wonderful site for anyone.  I must say there is a lot about me that has changed since finding pinterest, in every area of my life.  I have received inspiration in many forms.  I now keep a cleaner house, that I am proud to show off whereas before my house looked a lot like an episode of hoarders.  Seeing all these decorating ideas really showed me one thing.  Its not what you have in your house that matters, but how you take care, and pride in what you do have that matters.  Keeping things neat and clean is a major room changer.  The next thing I saw was all these great outfits.  Sure I cannot afford the exact outfit shown on there, but I used it as inspiration behind making new outfits out of clothes I already had, and ones I could find cheaply elsewhere.  I learned a lot about beauty, and relationships, and realized that using these things helped my self esteem, and that in and of itself helped inspire me so much more.  I pin a lot of quotes of inspiration on there, and many have been ones I needed to hear at just the right time.  All the food pins have encouraged me to cook more, and because I am cooking more we have more family dinners which have brought us all closer together.  I have learned about how to save money, how to manage money, and ran across some amazing jokes that had me laughing when I needed to the most.  If it is used for the inspiration it is intended for you can learn a lot about a lot of things on pinterest, but most of all you can learn a lot about yourself.  I recommend this site to anyone who is capable of using a site in moderation, because lets face it if you are just on there pinning all day, but not reading the blogs attached, not living life, then you got absolutely nothing out of it.



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