Archive | May 2014

We dont know everything!

I wish we did.  A lot of people assume that since we are psychics, that we should know everything.  Especially in our own families.  Ha!  I wish.  It seems God likes to only give us information he wants us to have, and leaves other things as life lessons to us or others.  If we knew everything we would be lying on a beach, pina coladas in hand, living off our lottery winnings. The closer we are to a situation emotionally the harder it is for us to “see” it until it smacks us dead in the face.  Sure we get feelings, and sense something is amiss, but the human in us takes over, makes excuses, dismisses it, or whatever, then life happens as it inevitably will.  As a parent you never want to believe that you wouldnt notice if your kid was having problems, or at the very least if they were you want to believe you can help them through it.  I knew my daughter was suffering from the loss of her father, but what I didnt know was to what extent, and what I also didnt realize is that I cant always be the one to fix her pain, and kiss her boo-boos away.  I had to realize that sometimes I have to depend on help from outside to get her through this, but at least I realize she is getting the help she needs.  Even us psychics have family issues that are beyond their control or “sight”.